Home has many locations in the heart

I mostly leave this blog for Tony to write about two wheeled travel experiences. I am going to high jack some space for my own tonight.

I flew in to Toronto today back from my “home” in Victoria. Terribly homesick is the only way I can describe how I feel right now. Tony will be several days behind me as he weaves his way back across this great country of ours (checking in at pit stops-cough, ahem- to alleviate my worrying) so I had to return back on my own. 
I don’t often have a great sense of longing to return to Victoria. Don’t get me wrong – it is a beautiful city with much to offer if what it is offering interests you. This trip was different. I haven’t felt this sense of “home” there since I left to travel in 2009 after which I quickly moved to Toronto upon my return to Canada. 

Blackcomb Mountain

The week in BC lulled me into feeling it is home again. The weather was absolutely perfect. Clear, fresh, warm and sunny. Fantastic visits with many of the most important people in my life as well as meeting new ones and reaquainting with old friends.  Hiking in Whistler, early coffee on the deck smelling mountain air, all the fresh salmon I could possibly eat, many laughs with my family (my “coven” as Tony affectionately refers to them), sitting by the ocean and just absorbing everything into all 5 senses. A feeling of peace and serenity I haven’t felt there in many years.

Sunrise from Kirsten’s front deck in Whistler

I know I’m not ready to return yet. I fear the crazy, polarizing combination of nomad and career ambition inside me would not be satisfied long – thankfully I am with a perceptive man who knows me well enough recognize this and tactfully point it out- but I can say I know I will be welcome back when I am ready. 

And now, I shall turn these pages back to Tony for his trip back. 

Willows Beach, Victoria

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