Change of Plans

The great part of having no real plan is the ability to adjust said plan. I turned on the Weather Channel yesterday morning. Grateful that I did because of the apparent horror that the weather person announces every morning. In between advertisements I was convinced to stay much further South that I was initially pondering. This turned into a blessing as I rolled through Indiana and Chicago on a Sunday morning and into Iowa.

Thank goodness it was a Sunday morning in Chicago. Weekday rush hour must be chaos! Toll booth after toll booth and four to six lanes merging above ground and below ground. Beautiful skyline on the lake and it reminded me very much of Toronto. Old tree lined streets and buildings leading into a new upheaval of skyscrapers surrounded by causeways and exits. White Sox banner hanging on ‘mobile carrier’ field, rail lines, churches and plenty of greenery. I will return and spend some quality time.

Mississippi River just outside of Dubuque

As I left Illinois and got off Interstate 90 and onto Highway 20 a sense of ease came over me. The smell of a campfire by the river combined with humid summer heat. Manure and fresh cut grass. The tarmac infront of me turns into a single lane highway that twists and turns as I head into Galena and Dubuque. I was in heaven. I was seriously thinking why everyone doesn’t move to Iowa! This is gorgeous country. The last time I crossed the Mississippi was heading East in 2010 through Louisiana. Not nearly as big a crossing as Baton Rouge but still very significant.

I moved Northwest and began to cross Iowa in the straight lines once I left Calmar and Fort Atkinson. Small town USA is so very picture perfect. Tree line main streets. Red brick two storey buildings with pharmacy and diner. Flags hanging everywhere in preparation for July 4th. Felt very comforting as I passed through each little town that had a uniqueness but similarity at the same time. A paradox that each burg must work to achieve to be different from its neighbour.

Lost an hour in time zones and probably will cross another today. Long Interstate ride planned through South Dakota. Sometimes you just have to get from A to B…..

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